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DC Conscious & Cafe (DC CC) is all about community engagement and the crossbreeding of ethnic and urban food for a true taste, feel and vibe of  Washington, DC's culturally diverse communities.   

Located in Washington, DC on H St NE,  one of the city's most trendy neighborhoods, (voted sixth most hipster place in America by Forbes magazine in September 2012), DC CC brings the soul of a social enterprise cafe to H St., N.E.  It provides the community with a platform for its voice, spoken and written words, politics, local history, activism, art,  music and good food. 


 FP + Np² /Cb = DC Conscious & Cafe (DC CC)" is a simple formula we developed to defines the essence of DC CC. It's a for-profit (Fp) venue woven with twice as much compassion and soul of a non-profit (Np² ) with a mission to encourage community building (Cb).  This unique, mathematical equation defines the cafe's business model.  


We (Bachir and Pam, the innovators of DC CC) are community advocates, nonprofit practitioners and social entrepreneurs and, we have a passion for affordable and sustainable housing for all.   

The idea of bringing a social enterprise café to H St NE, resonated with us. Our backgrounds and careers all demonstrate that we have an interest beyond profits.  A socially-responsible enterprise comes naturally to us--it's in our DNA.  Not only are we fulfilling what defines us, but we are also satisfying our entrepreneurial spirit.  We are fostering community building by feeding the mind, body and soul at DC Conscious & Cafe. 



DC Conscious  & Cafe, 1413  H St N. E.,  Washington, DC  20002  

Special Events:  Monday & Tuesday

Open to the Public : Wednesday- Saturday : 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 pm

Available for Meetings and Events:  Monday - Sunday

Contact  us at:  202-396-1064 or email at


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