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Feeding the Mind, Body and Soul



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Feeding the Mind, Body and Soul

Fp + Np²/Cb= DC Conscious & Cafe


This simple formula, FP +Np²/Cb, defines the essence of DC Conscious & Cafe (DC CC).  It's a for-profit (Fp) venue woven with twice as much compassion and soul of a non-profit ( Np² ).  Its mission is to encourage community building (Cb) and engagement by providing the community with a platform for its voice, spoken and written words, politics, local history, activism, art and music.


DC CC, a Black owned social enterprise,  is more than a café that serves food and drinks; it’s a COMMUNITY with a very simplistic and fundamental mission--- the interaction and engagement of all  residents and stakeholders to foster shared experiences that promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of our differences, similarities, talents and challenges. 


DC CC's mission is accomplished by providing residents with a quaint and cozy venue at 1413 H St., N.E., where community members can eat, celebrate, learn, relax, entertain, dialogue, organize and build neighborly relationships that encourage community building while dining on SunuFusion Cuisine. 


As a social enterprise cafe,  DC CC's business model features Thy Neighbor's Keeper program.  This program provides support (financial and public awareness) local artists and local non-profits that are having a positive impact on tackling community issues and problems in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.      


DC Conscious  & Cafe, 1413  H St N. E.,  Washington, DC  20002  

 Open to the Public :

Monday - Tuesday:  Special Events

Wednesday - Saturday  from  4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Sunday Brunch :  11am  -  4:00 pm

Space Available for Meetings and Events:  Monday - Sunday

Contact  us at:  202-396-1064 or email at


Join the Vibe

DC Conscious & Cafe is more than a café with great food!  It’s the soul of the community and we invite you to join us for good food, dialogue, entertainment, civic engagement and advocacy for the good of our community. To keep abreast of what's cooking and happening at DC Conscious & Cafe, please join our mailing list below:     


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